Why are golfers turning to CBD?


Will CBD help your game of Golf ?

CBD related products used in Golf, and their reported health benefits, are very much on the health industries radar. No surprise there if you consider the claims reported in medical journals and well respected practitioner trials. That said, let’s clear up the legality right away. CBD products can only be described as ‘food supplements’ and as such manufacturers and sellers can refer to medical trials and suggested benefits but cannot say categorically that CBD products work and cure. In time i’m sure this position will change, but for now let’s work with what we have.

What is CBD & how can it help Golf?

In a nutshell CBD or Cannabidiol is a derivative of the Cannabis plant which is extracted because of its healing qualities, it’s said CBD benefits many conditions including chronic pain, anxiety, arthritis, sleep deprivation and muscle recovery, it does not get you high and you will not get addicted. always consult a medical professional

As a keen golfer playing to 11 and over 60 I can hear many of you in my age bracket and younger saying ‘I suffer with that’, I know because that is exactly how I started my CBD journey. A journey that lead to me investing in Sativa Investments (an all things cannibas development fund – Don’t consider investing without taking financial advice from a qualified advisor) to creating a CBD brand (Arima CBD) and to using CBD daily.

Has CBD improved my golf? Well i’m still 11 so probably not, has it helped me enjoy the game more? absolutely. And i’ll tell you why.

Man Playing Golf

I get very anxious on the golf course

I suffer with arthritis in many forms including my hands and hips, I have had cortisone injections in both shoulders and for tennis elbow (that one really hurt) and I get very anxious on the golf course at times. Sound familiar? or am I alone here?. I’m guessing not although I probably suffer with more than most. I really was at the stage where I was prepared to try anything to help keep me on the course and to enhance my enjoyment of the game, so when I met up with good friends of mine Geremy and George Thomas some 18 mths ago (Chairman Sativa and MD Phystovista labs) who advised me of their involvement with CBD (Geremy the fund and George manufacturer), I started taking it immediately. To this day I use the 10% oil 2-3 times daily, the balm at night and when I travel I take the capsules. So, how does it help?

Specific to my golf I do not suffer with pain in my hands and particularly the fingers whereas I did before, I can honestly say that my tennis elbow is better (I work out regularly and can now lift weights without pain), I sleep better and I am far less anxious on the course. I still miss the occasional 3 footer but I feel more confident standing over them and rarely take a miss to the next tee. In fairness as I own a CBD business you would expect me to make personal claims about the product so i’ve listed below some intelligence about golf professionals aware of the benefits.

CBD whilst playing Golf at the Masters

It was reported that Tiger and Phil Mickelson – both golfers of a certain age, were taking CBD whilst playing at the Masters. Mickelson is well know to have psoriatic arthritis. CBD whilst playing at the MastersIt was reported that Tiger and Phil Mickelson – both golfers of a certain age, were taking CBD whilst playing at the Masters. Mickelson is well know to have psoriatic arthritis.

Bubba Watson Latest Golfer

Sports money reported ‘ Bubba Watson is the latest golfer to hop on the CBD bandwagon’. Bubba said ‘ using CBD oil in golf is a no brainer’

Golf digest ‘Several PGA tour players, including 2009 US Open winner Lucas Glover use and endorse CBD products’.

Whilst there is a great deal reported in the UK about the benefits of CBD in sport, its clear that until CBD is more widely accepted and confirmed as a new wonder drug, reporting will be more reserved. That said, it really is a case of ‘watch this space’ as several golfers on the European tour will be throwing their weight behind the benefits very soon.

For more information on Arima products go to www.arima.co.uk and use my code for a good discount ray20. I really do want to see more people playing golf into there 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. It’s a great sport that is enjoyed by millions. How do we produce top quality ‘pure’ CBD?