Medicinal Cannabis: Could Be The Right Product For You


Medicinal Cannabis: Could Be The Right Product For You

With the news that doctors will be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis from the 1st of November 2018, it is likely that many people will develop an interest in these products. CBD and CBD oil are popular products in this range, and user testimonials suggest that there is a wide range of health benefits associated with CBD products.

Positive CBD in the News

High-profile cases have led to this decision, which can only be positive news, if there is a reassessment of the benefits of medicinal cannabis and the products in this sector. Regardless of this decision, It is inevitable that people will instinctively associate CBD with cannabis or marijuana, and depending on an individuals viewpoint, they may be wary of this style of treatment as a result. Hopefully, the fact that doctors now have the power to prescribe this to patients where they feel it will make a difference, and the fact that it has been endorsed by the government will help alleviate those concerns.

Medical CBD

This change will hopefully provide more people with the confidence to use CBD oil products. The NHS have some very clear information

There will be people who do not want to speak to their doctor about this product because of it association with the illegal drug market. These people should take confidence from the fact that doctors can prescribe it. If there were concerns about the use of this product, it wouldn’t be available to patients, and this should be the most crucial factor when it comes to persuading people to review their own thoughts or stance on this type of product. The fact that there have been medical reviews which state that there are health benefits from using medicinal cannabis, should help change opinions and should ensure that more people are able to receive assistance in dealing with their health issues.

What’s Important?

One of the key factors which determined the acceptance of CBD oil in the United Kingdom was the limited level of THC. THC is the component of cannabis that leads to people feeling high, so the fact that this component isn’t present, or is barely present, in CBD oil products, mean it can be consumed without people worrying about experiencing the outcomes normally associated with cannabis or marijuana.

Medical Cannabis

How will doctors prescribe medicinal cannabis?

Whilst there is no indication as to how, why and how often doctors will prescribe medicinal cannabis to their patients, the fact that it is now an option is the most important. Like all medical products, it is important that it is prescribed appropriately, and with doctors endorsing its use for many symptoms, you can see why many people will benefit by speaking with a medical practitioner about how to best use a product.

There will of course be the vast majority of people who would prefer not to see a doctor about this product or where a doctor decides against prescribing medicinal cannabis. Even though doctors can prescribe this product it doesn’t mean that all doctors will, so some patients may find that they have to buy the product themselves if they want to experience the benefits that many people have cited.

Will CBD get you high?