How to use you’re CBD products to best effect


How to use you’re CBD products to best effect

We will try and share out thoughts and suggestions…

There has been much reported about CBD products and there effects  in recent months, so much so that there are many clinical trials in progress to determine exactly how beneficial CBD is in helping with health conditions such as;

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Arthritis
  • Anti-seizure
  • Neuroprotective
  • Pain relief
  • Anti- acne
  • Cancer treatment
  • Sleep disorder
  • Stress
  • PTSD

New York Times says…

There are many more claims made by CBD manufacturers and retailers about the benefits of CBD many of which are covered in an excellent article first published in the New York Times.

Where the conclusion was clearly that there are benefits which have been clinically proven, and that those benefits are helping millions of people. However, it clearly stated that the benefits are only achieved if CBD is taken correctly and is of significant quality.

Take CBD Correctly and Enjoy the Benefits

Happy Couple Coffee ad CBD

Taking a few drops of any CBD in a coffee once a week will not help, chewing a Gummie once a day will not help, vaping a weak dilute daily will not help and using  a CBD mascara will not help.. CBD is definitely ‘not a scam’ stated Yasim Hurd, director of addiction at the Institute of Mount Sinai in New York. Provided it is used correctly  and the quality of the product is sound. Too many products are either too weak in CBD content or are just gimmicks.

Whatever CBD products you use, be absolutely sure that they are what they say they are i.e. either pure or broad spectrum (all Arima products are pure – Contain a small amount of THC) and that the CBD content is described accurately on the packaging. This can be verified by the LAB certificates that should be available and will be if the CBD products are reputable (all Arima products have Lab Certs).

Arima 5% Flavoured Laboratory Report.

Arima Lab Reports

The Compound Cannabidiol

So, once you have established the authenticity of your provider it’s important to understand that the compound cannabidiol or CBD will not get you high, however much you take. Research is constantly on going and the benefits are being uncovered on a regular basis. With this testing comes more information on what products to take and how best to take it. 

I mentioned Pure and Broad spectrum CBD, it is important to use these products and not those described as distillate or isolate in order to get the best health results. Pure is said to have greater effect due to the THC element which preserve some of the terpenes necessary to help with the healing process. Lab Certs will state clearly what the make up of the product is if the packaging is unclear.

There are many products on the market including;


Great for disguising the fact that you are taking CBD and very easy to take as you just pop them in your mouth on a regular basis. Unfortunately, due to the digestive process the CBD is broken down by the liver and therefore you are likely to only receive 20/30% of the CBD. These products are also very likely to contain sugar and other unwelcome additions.

Creams, lotions and Balms

These are applied directly to the skin and can be very good at helping with localised pain. Most will contain approximately 1% of CBD and should therefore be applied to the direct area at least 3 x per day. Studies have shown that  CBD balm can reduce joint swelling and can effect many other skin conditions if applied correctly.

Collection of Arima

CBD oil

By far the most popular and effective products are the CBD oils. These come in various strengths ranging from 1% to 50%. At Arima we promote 5/10/20% oils as the content is significant and the feedback as to effect has been extremely good. To low a CBD content and the effects are limited and to high seems to have little added benefit. 

With each bottle comes a dropper to enable the oil to be dropped under the tongue. Usually 3 drops 3 x per day, although many take the oil morning and night. The idea is to leave the drops under the tongue for a minute or two in order for them to be absorbed into the body. The oil is then swallowed.

This method id easy to apply and very discreet. It is also easy to control how much oil you are absorbing. If the droplet proves hard to use, maybe drop 3 drops onto a spoon and apply under the tongue that way.


The MCT oil is designed to be infused with food or beverages. The main difference to a regular oil is the oil that the CBD is infused with. MCT oil is designed to absorb into tea’s and coffee rather than sit on the top like regular CBD oil. These can come in various flavours and should be applied by using the dropper to drop the require dose into the drink or food. It is important to remember to use these oils regularly in order to get the benefits required. Using 3 drops in a tea or coffee 3 x per day should give you the same effect as using a regular oil under the tongue.

The main benefit here is for people who prefer not to taste the oil or do not like the taste. Good quality pure CBD oil can have quite a strong taste.

So whatever CBD products you use, be sure to select a Lab tested product that has sufficient strength for your requirements, and make sure you apply the product in the right way. That way you will get the best results from your CBD experience.