How is CBD Oil Made? –


A Beginners Guide

First thing first, often a question which needs answering…

‘CBD’ is also called ‘Cannabidiol’.

Cannabidiol / CBD is found in cannais plants, completely organic and naturally full of substance.

 You may hear the term THC mentioned in the press or even on marketing material, to be clear THC is the compound within cannabis which gets you high. Arima CBD contains almost ZERO THC, a very small test has been found when tested under laboratory conditions


medicinal cannabis
First thing first ‘CBD’ is also called ‘Cannabidiol’.

CBD, in recent years the most common way to consume the beneficial phytocompounds is via added to oil, capsules or balms.

Oil can be original and clear, dark in colour, flavoured. The capsules / CBD tablets are designed to be effective and easy to swallow. available in different sizes and strengths.

CBD is added to an oil or capsule, initially the compound needs to be extracted from the plant and added to the oil.

Extraction & Processing

The extraction of CBD has to be conducted within a certified laboratory under strict conditions making sure the quality of the pure extract is suitable for consumable products.

Different methods are used across the world and I will try and share my findings during the 3 years of research I have conducted.

High-CBD Content

Extracting CBD from a plant for resale in the UK is completely legal as long as the THC content is minimal. This is the reason you can see CBD for sale up and down the Uk in store in high street like Boots and Holland and Barrett and online.

Arima is one of many brands which produce a premium collections of CBD products organically grown and fully tested in a certified laboratory

Comparing CBD Oil Extraction Methods


CBD extraction can be completed in a number of ways and deending on the method used to extract the CBD the qulaity of the product will differ.

For example, the DIY CBD makers would suggest heating the plant at a high temperature and then mixing into the olive oil or coconut oil. Our Oil is extracted by CO2

Globally you will not be surprised to learn, CO2 extraction is by far the most widely used by commercial CBD companies, for many reasons. 

…what are the benefits to the user? Great question

In simple terms CO2 extraction allows the cleanest / purest CBD oil. Under laboratory conditions in the UK, the Arima collection of products are placed into a very comprehensive extraction machine.

A significant investment form the outset, however anyone who has been using CBD for a while will be able to tell the difference even before consumption.


Allow me to explain, part of the CO2 extraction method, the cannabinoids are extracted over time, speed isn’t an option when producing quality. The CO2 will be in a liquid takes out all the horrible stuff we don’t need making sure the end result is a clear, clean oil. killing harmful bacteria and ensures more terpenes and cannabinoids are in the end product.

This is why CO2 Extracted CBD is more expensive than some CBD oils you will find online and in-store. CO2 Extracted CBD is crisp and pure to taste and clear with a distinctive colouring mainly because the extraction separates one component from another retaining terpenes, cannabinoids, and essential oils.


You get a premium product when you buy Arima.

Hopefully by now you will have an understanding the CO2 extraction is the best method of extraction offering the premium product.

My advice would be to say, don’t waste your money buying cheap.

CBD Oil is a fantastic product and by trying a product from the lower end of the market may challenge the thought is CBD Oil really works.

Ultimately, when you start purchasing hemp oil / cannabis oil, cost is a big factor. You only need to pop into a Holland and Barrett store and you have selection of brands all claiming to be the best and all at slightly different price bands. Buy one get one free for example.

After all this is a product you are consuming, you need to be confident you are getting a healthy well manufactured premium product.

The body and mind are invaluable, don’t make a choice based on price alone.