How is CBD impacting on the wellness and beauty industry?


There is evidence to suggest that CBD oil is having an impact on the wellness and beauty sector. In addition to pain relief qualities, CBD oil has been cited by many users as having a positive impact on skin complaints.The product is also said to hold anti-inflammatory properties. Products which contain CBD oil are likely to be a welcome addition to many people’s skincare maintenance, there are many ways that this product can be implemented into existing wellness products and there will be many new products created.

adding CBD to food and drink

In fact, there are already big-name manufacturers utilising CBD oil in their products such as lip balms and mascara. In regard to combining the power to improve a person’s skin with the ability to make people feel better, Lord Jones has a range of CBD products, including gummies and a body lotion which is being marketed as an aid to reducing the discomfort of skin conditions, joint pain and sore muscles. Many studies have also suggested that CBD oil can positively boost workout results and has helped athletes perform better, it is therefore likely that the fitness arm of the wellness industry will develop an interest in what CBD has to offer.

CBD for Face and hands

The wellness and beauty sector is a huge one and it appears as though there is a natural correlation between the benefits provided by CBD oil and the products people are looking for in this sector.

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