Does CBD oil give you heartburn?


Does CBD oil give you heartburn?

In taking medication, it is important to be aware of any side-effects that may be caused by the use of the product. Although CBD oil is recommended by many people as a great alternative to medicinal products when it comes to pain relief, some people suffer from side-effects.

Not everyone suffers from these side-effects, so you may be fortunate enough to enjoy CBD oil and its benefits without any negative effect, but some users have raised concerns about their acid reflux and/or heartburn.

Therefore, some people are right to ask if CBD oil gives you heartburn, but it is important to remember that no two people are alike. Some people may take CBD oil over an extended period and never experience anything remotely like heartburn whereas some users may try the product for the first time and experience an acid reflux.

One thing that is worth noting is which carrier oil is used in the product. For many of the people who suffer from this problem, the issue is down to the carrier oil, such as coconut oil as opposed to the CBD element. Whilst this may not make the product more palatable for you, it needs to be remembered that there are many assorted products and makes to choose from.

Consider the ingredients of CBD oil

It makes sense to review the ingredients used by the CBD oil product which has caused you to suffer from heartburn or acid reflux. It could be that there is an ingredient in the product causing you to have this reaction or it could be that the quality of ingredient used is of a substandard nature. There are many CBD oil products to choose from and it may be that switching to a higher quality of CBD oil will reduce the impact of the product on you.

Viable solutions to reduce the likelihood of CBD oil causing heartburn include:

Heartburn and acid reflux CBD

Switching product

It may be that it is the quality or ingredients used in a CBD oil that causes you the issue. Therefore, if you still want to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil, it is best to switch to a different product. This may take some trial and error but by studying the ingredients of the product and looking at reviews online, you will hopefully be able to find a product that is suitable for your needs. At Arima we use the best available oil for our infusion so problems of this type are very unlikely.

A different form of CBD

There are many ways to consume CBD and it may be that vaping the product or enjoying CBD in a capsule form will provide you with a more palatable way to enjoy the product. Some users who have experienced heartburn find that switching to a vape CBD, which is isolated, providing more CBD as a proportion of the overall product, is of benefit.

Use a nullifier alongside the CBD oil

A solution that helps many people to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil without worrying about heartburn or acid reflux is to consume some omega fatty acids alongside the CBD oil. An example of this would be to eat some peanut butter alongside the oil or perhaps even blending the separate components together.

Some people find that the initial taste of CBD oil is concerning so combining the product with another may help to create a better tasting sensation. At ARIMA we have a selection of flavoured MCT CBD products designed specifically to be taken with food and drink.

Some people suffer from a psychological issue when consuming CBD oil so consuming the product alongside or within another product may remove some of this issue too.

Given the many benefits provided by CBD oil, it is natural that many people are looking to take the product. However, while most users can consume CBD oil without any issue, there will be some people who find that they cannot enjoy the use of CBD oil.

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If you suffer from heartburn or an acid reflux when taking CBD oil, reviewing the ingredients, considering how best to consume CBD oil or looking for ways to make the consumption of the product more palatable will help you to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil with no side effect.

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