Does cannabis oil get you high


Will CBD Get me High?

People with concerns about cannabis oil getting them high will be relieved to know that THC, the substance that leads to people feeling high when consuming cannabis, isn’t present in CBD oil or medical cannabis. This was a key factor that was considered by the Home Secretary before making the decision to legalise the product, as a result it will hopefully help many people across the country to positively impact their health by using one or other of the many products available..

Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies

The initial review by the Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies, reached the conclusion that there was sufficient evidence that medicinal cannabis offers therapeutic benefits to users. This was followed by the second part of the review, undertaken by the Advisory Council on the Misuses of Drugs (ACMD) which stated that doctors should prescribe medicinal cannabis when and where the products meet the appropriate safety standard.

Professor Dame Sally Davies

The recommendation for cannabis-derived medicinal products is that they are placed in schedule two of the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001. This is an acknowledgement of the therapeutic value offered by the product, and it is hoped that many people will benefit from using the products with a significant improvement to their health.

Reviews on Cannabis

The reviews into medicinal cannabis will hopefully provide people with information that will lead to added confidence and assurance in the use of products like cannabis oil. The research will no doubt continue into how these products can be best used, but with doctors being able to prescribe medicinal cannabis from the 1st of November, significant changes are already taking shape.

medicinal cannabis

It should be noted that cannabis oil will only be subscribed for very few conditions. Many problems, including insomnia and joint pain, will still require those effected to purchase the products privately.

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