CBD oil and the medical industry. Is there a place for it?


It’s fair to say that many people in the medical industry are paying increasing attention to CBD oil and its uses. This is largely due to claims that CBD oil is being used to treat a growing number of ailments and conditions around the world. Whilst many forms and strains of cannabis are being reviewed for their healthcare benefits, it is CBD oil that currently leads the way by impressing researchers and providing hope that its use can have an impact on treatment and cure.

Medical Research

Medical CBD

Already there is considerable medical research reviewing the impact of CBD oil on epilepsy, neuropsychiatric disorders, cancer, anxiety, insomnia and many other conditions. In particular, in the USA, the use of CBD oil has been approved by the FDA to treat two forms of epilepsy, clearly showing the increase in awareness and acceptance. There is also an increasing focus on the use of legalised medical marijuana. Whilst different from CBD oil in some ways, it is likely that this progress will help reshape the way that people view CBD oil and what it can do for people looking for assistance and help.Research continues into the use of CBD oil in regard to its medical application and there is much support for it to become an accepted product. Many believe In the UK, bearing in mind the pressure that the NHS is under, that anything which aids the healing process has to be seen as a positive thing.

What are the professionals saying?

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Professional opinion is not suggesting that CBD oil will provide a solution to the many problems people face or be the factor that assists the NHS,s return to greatness, but there is a need for a combination of solutions in order to bring this about and initial research suggests that CBD oil could be one of the solution strands that the medical sector needs to meet the needs of people.