CBD and COVID 19


CBD and COVID 19

Much is being written at the moment about possible cures for Coronavirus. Unfortunately whether it be medical, alternative medicine or food supplements nothing is yet available to defeat this awful virus.

The best that can be offered are products that can help with the immune system, control anxiety and assist with sleep related conditions.

Many health and fitness professionals are working hard to create work outs from home, and diets that are designed to help with self isolation.

The majority of people forced into staying at home pick up bad habits, which in turn effect the health and general mental health. Many health professionals are using CBD related products as part of their overall recommendations  in order to help with these underlining conditions. So, how can CBD help in these unprecedented times?

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How can CBD help in these unprecedented times?

The most important advice coming from the government is for us all to stay home www.gov.uk coronavirus, which most people are working with well.

The only time we should go out is for essential food, exercise or essential shopping, unless of course we happen to be ‘key workers’.

In that case the rules are different. However, whether you are staying home or going to work the underlying problems you may suffer are stress, anxiety, depression and lack of sleep, often a systematic of all three.

So, how to help with these conditions? Medically, this generally means sleeping tablets or anti depressant drugs. Alternatively, this can mean meditation, exercise and prayer. I like to think that there is a third option CBD, which has proven to work well with these conditions, particularly when working along side medication and exercise. So where’s the evidence?

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Can CBD Oil really help with Anxiety?

CBD has been seen to help with these conditions through many tests such as reported at Healthline where it states that early testing has proved very positive in regard to CBD oil helping with depression and anxiety. This is because our bodies have receptors that are attached to our cells, mainly in the nervous system that send messages to the brain. The messages reflect the way we feel, so if we can change these messages to positive thoughts then the way we feel at any given time can be effected. Research suggests that CBD can help control these messages and help make them more positive. Certainly CBD has proven to reduce stress on certain animals when tested.

In other tests www.foriawellness.com it is suggested that CBD encourages neural regeneration which helps lower incidents of anxiety which leads to stress related conditions.

These facts are increasingly important to us all at a time when many people will suffer the effects of stress related conditions due to the current climate. Indeed, many people that have never encountered stress in this way will and will not generally know what to do other than turn to traditional medicine. Consequently it is very important for us all to do our research and find out how best we can control the problems we are encountering due to these circumstances.

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Finally, it is important to say a few words about how CBD can help with the immune system. After all we know that the better the immune system the better chance we have of fighting of infection, the better sleep we get, the better we eat and the better our defences are generally.

A study reported on at www.americanspa.com/cbd suggests that, whilst further testing is essential, CBD can have a positive effect on the immune system and has been known to help build the defences necessary to fend of infection. There is a long way to go before scientists will categorically say that CBD ‘definitely’ helps, but testing is a long way down the line and all reporting is positive.

So, as part of your plan to overcome and survive this terrible virus research CBD oil and its effects as i’m sure this will help with your overall well being. Above all, follow the government guidelines and stay safe.

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