Cannabis Based Products Available From GP’s From November 1st


From the 1st of November 2018, doctors in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be able to prescribe cannabis based products to their patients. This is a massive change that will be welcomed by many people and it is not a decision that has been taken lightly.

The announcement by the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, follows a review into medical cannabis earlier on this year. This followed a media outcry over the story of two epilepsy sufferers, Alfie Dingley and Billy Caldwell, who were denied access to cannabis oil. It seem getting CBD from your GP has its difficulties. The parents of the youngsters stated that cannabis oil was a significant help in controlling the seizures the children endured. While medical studies are still ongoing, the testimonials from cannabis oil users praising the product for the positive impact it has had on their health has been overwhelming.

The impact on CBD Industry in the UK