Cannabidiol or CBD as we know it…


Cannabidiol or CBD as we know it, is said to have many more pain relieving qualities not just associated with the immune system, and many studies have indicated that tens of thousands of people are already using CBD oil and claim that it really does help. In particular, CBD oil is said to help significantly with;

  • 1 Pain Relief
  • 2 Anxiety and Depression
  • 3 Cancer related symptoms
  • 4 Skin Complaints
  • 5 Neurological disorders
  • 6 Heart conditions
  • 7 Mental disorders
  • 8 Dependancy conditions
  • 9 Diabetes

The list goes on.

It does seem that CBD is claiming to be a wonder drug that cures all, but that is not the case.

The healing qualities relating to CBD have been recorded for many years but it is only recently that CBD has been recognised as having potential health benefits, consequently there is a lot of information about those potential benefits around today.

It is also fair to say that there have been many more studies looking to discover what CBD can do and why it can be effective.

medicinal cannabis

Study by Harvard University

To fully understand why CBD is effective it is important to look at the evidence that is available today such as the study by Harvard University at which concluded quite reasonably that CBD has many medicinal qualities, but human based evidence is essential to fully understand how people can be helped effectively.

It also stated clearly that the industry has to be fully regulated in order for people to feel confident with the products they are buying.

There are many products on the market that claim to contain high percentages of ‘pure’ CBD, this just isn’t so.

There are also many cheap options available, again that do not comply with the recognised quality and CBD content expected.

It is therefore important to source products that are Lab tested, are manufactured by the co’ and have the reputation for high quality products sourced and produced under the correct conditions. Arima product are all sourced from recognised growers and the extraction process and plant as well as the Lab facilities are all UK based and are recognised by UK health agencies and approved by all the leading retailers.

CBD Capsules

Many of our customers prefer to use our CBD capsules.

The capsules are very easy to take, and can be taken daily as with other supplements and vitamins.

At Arima we have taken a conscious decision to work with our customers direct, and as such refuse to be dictated to by the major retailers, consequently we are not subject to the strict criteria imposed by these organisations.

As such we are able to sell our capsules in jars of 30 and at a relatively high dose.

The capsules are very effective, and we are confident that high volume use (not recommended) will not result in significant harm.

We also have an excellent balm that works well for all skin types, and is reported to help with many skin conditions. In particular, a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology concludes that ‘CBD balms may be effective against eczema, psoriasis, atopic and contact dermatitis’. These facts were illustrated well in an article that appeared recently in the Daily Express .

So, whatever your medical needs, do consider CBD products when looking for a solution.

Medical CBD

Its always worth asking the view of your medical practitioner and doing your own research to be absolutely sure. 

Finally, Arima products are Lab tested and DO contain the CBD stated on the product, as well as being as pure as is currently possible. This is due to the ‘state of the art’ extraction process employed at the extraction process.

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