Can CBD help you sleep and therefore boost your health


How Can CBD Oil Help you sleep?

It’s often been debated but is medically proven that a good night’s sleep has a monumental impact on your health. There have been many studies which indicate CBD can help sleep. The importance of a regular sleep pattern and getting as much sleep as your body needs is so important to our well-being. Given that everyone is different, it would be wrong to say that people need to get a set number of hours sleep per day, but it is vital that people understand the importance of sleep and the impact it has on their health.

In case you are not sure as to why sleep is important, here are some important benefits of sleep:

  • Sleep helps to lower your stress levels

  • Sleep can help to improve your memory

  • Sleep can lower your blood pressure levels

  • Sleep helps your body to recover and recuperate

  • Sleep is a factor in maintaining your ideal weight

  • Sleep can lower your likelihood of suffering from diabetes

  • Sleep can help you to be smarter by ensuring your brain works more effectively

  • Sleep helps to improve your mood

How Can CBD Oil Help?


Now that you understand how important regular sleep is, how can CBD oil help?

You hopefully know by now that cannabinoids are helping many people overcome problems in their life. Studies are still ongoing on this matter but the volume of testimonials from users saying that CBD oil has helped improve their life is worth paying attention to. CBD oil has been cited as having a positive impact on a wide range of issues with many people saying that the product has helped them overcome sleep problems. You can’t overdoes on CBD Oil.

Given that there is evidence that cannabis has been used as a sleep aid for centuries, it is natural that CBD oil can provide similar relief. Of course, given that CBD doesn’t contain the THC cannabinoid ( what is the difference between THC and CBD ?)

, it doesn’t make people feel high, so this isn’t an issue for people who are keen to improve their chances of sleeping without risking an unexpected outcome. With cannabinoids being produced naturally in the body, products like CBD oil are a sensible way to enjoy the benefits that CBD creates in the body. The way that CBD engages and interacts with the varied receptors in the body creates the platform that helps people sleep better or indeed benefit from pain relief. Ultimately allowing the body to feel calmer

CBD helps sleep

The Evidence

There is evidence that CBD oil can impact sleep-wake cycles while also reducing stress and anxiety. If CBD oil can reduce or remove the barriers that prevent people from sleeping, it is likely that many people will benefit from taking this product to improve their sleep. Read more information in our Learning zone.

CBD oil can improve alertness during the day

Some users have stated that the use of CBD helps them to feel more stimulated and alert during the day. This is important because if a person naps or dozes during the day, it reduces the likelihood of them sleeping at night. Therefore, using CBD during the day can keep people alert, which creates a better level of consistency with respect to the sleep-wake cycle.

CBD Oil and REM behaviour disorder

There have also been studies into the way CBD oil impacts on REM behaviour disorder. The main study of this focus has fallen on people who suffer from Parkinson’s, a condition where many people find that their sleep is disrupted, how do you use CBD?. This often leads to sufferers injuring themselves or even injuring their partners. Research has shown that use of cannabis and CBD oil has helped to improve the quality of sleep in these users, and there are on-going studies to determine if CBD products could have the same positive impact on people who don’t suffer from Parkinson’s, but who do suffer from disrupted sleep patterns.

lady waking up after a good nights sleep

Does CBD Oil Help You Sleep?

If you were to take the issues that prevent people from sleeping and correlate them with the benefits that CBD oil offers, you would find that there are a lot of cross-over areas. This is why many people, including many satisfied customers, are happy to say that CBD oil helps you sleep.

If you are unable to sleep because you feel stressed, depressed or have concerns, the testimonials of satisfied users suggest that CBD oil is ideal for reducing these problems. Quite often people just need some respite to consider things clearly or get a good night’s sleep, which allows them to refocus on their problems in a more effective manner. In this regard, there is no denying that the qualities of CBD oil which help people to feel less anxious are likely to help people who are looking for improved sleep.

If you are unable to sleep because you are in pain, the reviews of people who take CBD oil for its pain relief qualities would suggest that CBD oil is a perfect product for minimising the pain that prevents sleep. It is often the case that people just need help in minimising their pain levels as they attempt to go to sleep. With a good night’s sleep being a key component of the body recuperating, increasing the likelihood of falling asleep will hopefully start a cycle which will lead to people suffering fewer problems when it comes to their health.

With suggestions that CBD oil also helps to stabilise sleep patterns, there is a growing body of opinion that people suffering from sleep disorders or problems could be helped by the use of CBD oil.

When To Take CBD Oil For Sleep?

One of the problems in recommending when people should take CBD oil to aid sleep is the fact that everyone is different. This means you could recommend a time that is suitable for one person, but which would be completely unsuitable for another person. The best advice is for each individual to try the product themselves and determine an appropriate time that helps them to get off to sleep at their usual or hoped-for time. Many people feel the effects of CBD oil working within 20 to 30 minutes, but the full impact of the product often takes longer.

As a test, taking the product around one hour before you hope to fall asleep would be a good starting point. If you don’t feel the benefit until much later in the evening, you may need to take the CBD oil earlier or increase your dosage. If you fall asleep before your expected bedtime, you may wish to take the product closer to your bedtime on the following night.

How Many Drops Of CBD Oil are needed to help Sleep?

It can be difficult to make a recommendation on how many drops of CBD oil a person should take to help them sleep. This is because every individual is unique and will have their own issues impacting on them. Matters like gender, age, weight, height, health and the problems a person is dealing with can all influence why people use CBD oil . A person should consume to alleviate their problems.

When it comes to sleep disorders, there is a recommendation of between 40mg to 160mg of CBD oil every day, which should be taken orally. Depending on your own personal tolerance, you may decide to start closer to a specific end of the stated spectrum or you may decide to start in the middle.

Could CBD be the right choice for you?