How do we produce top quality ‘pure’ CBD?


There are many CBD products available today, many of which are poor quality, falsely tested or simply not as strong as stated. This leaves consumers somewhat in the dark as to the quality of the CBD oil they are purchasing.

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At Arima we want all of our customers to know the detail surrounding product quality and extraction methods. This as the only way to be sure that the CBD you are buying is of the quality stated by the product provider.

Initial extraction methods were pioneered by Rick Simpson a Canadian scientist who developed a method by soaking the Cannabis plant in alcohol, thereby desolving the cannabinoids and other compounds. The solvent is then evaporated out leaving an oily THC/CBD product. This method is seen as crude extraction today as it is extremely difficult to make a ‘pure’ product that contains just the compounds needed. Consequently we do not use this method.

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Rotary Evaporator

A somewhat better extraction method involves extracting the cannabinoids using sub-zero ethanol and then evaporating off the solvent using a ‘Rotary Evaporator’. Sounds complicated but it really isn’t. The RE is a piece of machinery designed to extract the relevant compounds necessary for a quality CBD product.

Both methods use solvents to extract the cannabinoids which works but isn’t efficient enough. This is mainly due to the fact that residue is often left within the extracted product. We have tested products that use such extraction and the results were not good. These methods are widely used in the US which explains why many of these products are far from ‘pure’, and as a consequence cheap. A somewhat false economy. Our manufacturing does not use these methods and never has.

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Modern day extraction involves considerably better machinery (not solvent based), that is extremely expensive but produces the best and purest CBD. This method is known as ‘super critical CO2 extraction’ and involves the use of Carbon dioxide to force the oil from the plant much faster. This method is complicated as it requires multiple chambers to control temperature, pressure and ultimate extraction. That said, it is considered to be the very best way of extracting the purest product.

Once extraction takes place it is still necessary to distill the product in order to get rid of any impurities. This method is sometimes known as the ‘freezing method’ which removes fats and lipid products and determines the taste and strength of the finalCBD.

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Pure CBD

It is fair to say that the whole process of extracting ‘pure’ CBD from the plant is labour intensive and requires ‘state of the art’ machinery, anything less will produce inferior products that will not pass the high standards that we have set ourselves. Our CBD is of the highest quality, totally safe to use, free of contaminants and amongst the very best available in the UK today. Cheap options should be investigated fully before use as proper extraction is the only way to guarantee quality. CBD in Sport